About Us

Every business begins with a great story…

My passion in food and cooking started at age 7. I often cooked for myself because my parents worked long hours at

our family owned restaurant. My family was my inspiration to pursue a career in culinary. After moving to Seattle in

2012, reality hit me. I didn’t want to keep working at jobs that I wasn’t passionate about. With my husband’s support,

I looked into catering and food truck opportunities to pursue my culinary passion.

I came across a hiring post from a Cajun food truck that sparked my interest. However, there was no contact info; but

I was very motivated to find this truck. I began looking for any Cajun food related information in Seattle. I finally

came across a Jemil’s Big Easy website that had a similar description as the posting. I interviewed with Chef Jemil

and was hired to work on his food truck.

While working with Chef Jemil, I was determined to learn everything about the business, from food prepping to truck

operations. He was such a great mentor; it was a lot of fun working with him and the crew. My dream was always to

start my own business. In 2014, my family moved back to Los Angeles and I began making my dream a reality.

~Keep It C’asian