The truck is 26.33 feet long, 7.92 feet wide, 10.83 feet tall, and requires a relatively flat parking area with space to set up and serve. Private parking is preferable. City parks and streets require permits at an additional cost.

  • We do not provide tables and chairs.
  • Food trays and disposable serving utensils are provided for drop off caterings.
  • Plates, cutlery, and napkins can be provided at an additional charge.

We do not serve alcohol, but do offer self-serve sweet tea, lemonade, and water service. For caterings, we also offer coffee service.

Non-truck catering delivery within 15 miles of our kitchen in Rosemead is free with a $400 minimum. Catering’s farther than 15 miles will be charged a fee according to distance.

10% sales tax added to all pickup, catering, and truck service. For all full-service catering, there is also an 18% service fee added to the final order. These costs are not included in the minimums.

  • If you pick up your order at our kitchen there is a $275 minimum.
  • For delivery or non-truck catering, the minimum is $400, call for pricing.
  • To have the truck at your catered event, the minimum is $1,200, depending on the amount of people